Saturday, June 6, 2020

Ping Pong for the Gay community

Pink Pong NY practice at Paradise Queens, NY 2012.
Rodolfo, Lee, Jeff, Kevin, Hai and Wolfgang.

Gay Games, Cologne Germany 2010

Team New York
Lee Hao, Kevin Wallace, Rodel Hernandez, Rodolfo Simons, Wolfgang Busch

Gold Medal Doubles Wolfgang Busch / Lee Hao
Recreational Division

Gold Medal in Doubles, Wolfgang Busch with Lee Hao

Gold Medalist in Mixed Doubles

 Bronze Medalist in Singles, my third Medal

Flushing Tournament

2nd Place Under 1400, March 2013
with Coach Li

Wolfgang comes from a third generation soccer background in Heppenheim, Germany and followed his father's Karl Busch foot steps. He played as a semi professional soccer player until the age of 22 years, until he was forced to retire because of his back problems.

  A-Young Adult Team

Wolfgang is an advocate, artistic and social activist for the Gay community since 1986. He is a visionary for many communities, a humanitarian award winning director and editor, and an inspirational motivator for people from all walks of life.

His commitment, dedication and endless contributions to the LGBT community over the past 25 years are acknowledged through many awards & rewards, and in Ed Karvoski’s book “Award-Winning Men”.

Wolfgang founded the first openly Gay Ping Pong group, “Ping Pong NY” in the United States in 2002, together with Paulo Freitas. He organized and but a successful team together for the Gay Games in Cologne Germany in 2010, and the six member team won a total of 8 medals in the recreational and C division.

Leadership / Management Experience:
Developing and organizing LGBT social, artistic and sports demographic-specific communities. He is a self-directed with proven leadership in community building & empowerment through education, motivation, inspiration and by touching people’s heart. Produced, directed and promoted seminars, workshops, conventions, special events and fundraisers. Lectured on artistic empowerment and HIV awareness at prestigious universities, colleges, high schools, cultural and educational institutions and teaches how to produce a successful “Blessed Events Fundraising” event for churches.

Accustomed to handling stress, high pressure, diverse clients and multi task responsibilities; quick decision-making skills; able to take charge of situations and resolve issues. Extensive experience in community grass-root organizing, running community-based organizations, counseling, management, referrals, administration, art in education programs, accounting, evaluations, newsletters, publicity, strategic planning, creating committees, policy making, outreach, business presentations, fundraising, grant writing, membership management, volunteer/interns coordinating, video production, special events planning, and internet marketing & promotion.

Community Empowerment:
He organized meetings from the grass-root level on up for various LGBT communities, and served as a liaison between politicians, community-based organizations, artists, membership, staff and volunteers. Directed & produced grant presentation videos for nonprofits and local artists, and created effective marketing through alternative & mainstream media.

Corporate  Marketing / Promotion:
Produced and directed new client presentation & promotional pitch videos, and client reels for      advertising agencies, public relation, and international marketing companies.

Sport Activities:
Wolfgang was hired by the NY/NJ soccer association for a documentary about Charlie Stillitano, who was the director at the New Jersey Meadowlands facility during the Soccer World Cup ’94, who received the “Man of the Year” award.

Wolfgang documented the early development of the Mayor League Soccer (MLS) in Los Angeles, California in 1996, interviewing US national goal keeper Tony Meola and superstar Valderama from Columbia, for the “Soccer Rap USA” pilot TV show.

LGBT Sport Activities:
Video production and post production credits:

Gay Games, Paula Pressly, NYC
Public Service Announcement for Vancouver, Canada 1990 & New York City 1994.

Gay Games, Lou Maletta, NYC
Reporter for the Gay Cable Network in Vancouver, Canada in 1990.

Tuesday Night Bowling, NYC
Directing and producing the video presentation for the Bit- Committee, to bring the Annual IGBO tournament to New York City.

Gay Games Participation:
1990, Vancouver, Canada, 4th place in Bowling.
2010, Cologne, Germany, winning two gold and one bronze medal in recreational ping pong.

Board  Positions:
- Team NY/Gay Games
   Uniform and Fundraising committee, 1989, 1994, 2008 and 2009
- Manhattan Borough President, C. Virginia Fields
   LGBT advisory council; 2002
- OutMusic, managing director, 2001
- Manhattan Neighborhood Network
   Public Access TV producers; 1995 - 2000
- Metro Community Athletic Association (MCAA)
  Tuesday Night Bowling, Vice president, 1993 – 1998